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How to develop small rotary drilling rig in 2020

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Due to the impact of the virus, the global economy has suffered a major impact, economic growth has been slow, and even some countries and regions will have negative growth! What impact will 2020 have on the construction machinery industry? How to develop the small rotary drilling rig industry?

In recent years, due to the influence of the Chinese construction industry, the Chinese construction machinery industry has continued to heat up, and the domestic sales of rotary excavators have continued to rise. Sales of rigs. Under the influence of the national “Belt and Road” policy, Shandong Dingli Heavy Industry's small rotary drilling rigs have been deployed in overseas markets. With the help of major international exhibition opportunities, Dingli's small rotary drilling rigs have gradually been recognized by foreign users, and have also brought good development prospects. 

Shandong Dingli small rotary drilling rig has many functions of large rotary drilling rig, especially in 2019, the application of many new technologies, such as "wireless remote control", "one-key vertical adjustment", etc., is very suitable for small spaces and various Construction requirements for complex conditions.

Despite being affected by the virus, China's current resumption of production and production has reached 90%, we are still very confident about the domestic market. For foreign markets, I believe that under the influence of our country ’s epidemic prevention and control, the people of the whole country will work together to fight the epidemic prevention and control and defeat the new crown virus!

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