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  • Shandong Yahe heavy industry - professional small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig manufacturer

    Shandong Yahe Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., referred to as Shandong Dingli heavy industry, Specializing in the production of rotary drilling rigs, rotary drilling machines, small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs, including crawler and wheel rotary drilling machines, as well as diesel hammer, photovoltaic, long spiral pile driver and other construction machinery.In the industry taking the lead through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification,The company's latest Dingli rotary drilling rig is widely used in the construction of foundation cast-in-place piles in urban high-rise buildings, highways, railways, bridges, airports, ports, etc.It has the advantages of wide application range, high construction efficiency, stable performance, good service, environmental protection and energy saving.Dingli rotary drilling rig with reliable quality, beautiful appearance, practical structure and thoughtful after-sales service,The products are sold to more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide and exported to more than ten overseas countries and regions such as Australia, Myanmar, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia, and have won the trust and praise of our customers.The company has a complete sales and service network, dedicated to providing customers with first-class products and excellent services, a 24-hour service hotline, and after-sales service all day.The company regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, with the purpose of "quality-oriented, honest world", customers who are welcome to buy, come to inspect the test drive, and buy it if you are satisfied, and we also provide training for the church.

    Shandong Yahe heavy industry - professional small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig manufacturer
  • How to choose small rotary drilling rig correctly?

    Rotary drilling rig has the advantages of good hole forming quality, fast operation speed, high construction efficiency, highly intelligent automatic control system, excellent performance, time-saving, labor-saving and oil-saving. Since it was developed, it has been widely recognized by the market,However, "how to choose a high-quality rotary drilling rig" has also puzzled many customers and friends who want to start with it. As a professional manufacturer, we make great efforts to give you some suggestions:1、When purchasing a rotary drilling rig, you must test drive it in person to see if the performance and quality of the product meet the standard.2、After all, the rotary drilling rig is used to make money. Therefore, consider your own perennial construction area, understand the main geological environment, and then select reasonable model parameters,Rotary drilling rigs are also divided into many types, including those with organic locking rod and friction rod, those that can enter rock and those that can only drill soil layer, with many functions, but they must choose the one that suits them.

    How to choose small rotary drilling rig correctly?
  • Several tips for getting started with rotary drilling rig quickly

    Operation method of starting and drilling of rotary drilling rigFirst, the strongest power is required at start-up, and low speed control is required during operation, so it is easy to overcome various resistances from static to dynamic. When some equipment is in operation, it still needs to accelerate and decelerate quickly, due to tonnage Heavier, when stopping, be sure to slow down first to reduce the impact of acceleration.Second, the drilling technique is directly related to the geology of the construction: when drilling in the geology of the soil layer, the resistance encountered is relatively small, the highest performance of the rotary drilling rig can be used, and the high torque can quickly drill and improve Construction efficiency;When encountering sandstone layers, due to higher resistance While drilling with high torque, the rotary drilling rig needs to pay attention to increase the pressurized oil cylinder to maintain load balance and reduce resistance;in case of pebble layer, special attention shall be paid not to hard drilling. This kind of geological reaction is relatively strong. When drilling, slow pressure and low torque shall be applied to minimize the vibration;When encountering particularly hard and high-density geological conditions, after selecting the appropriate bit, steadily operate the drill to output and pressurize with large torque to overcome the resistance brought by drilling into the geological conditions.

    Several tips for getting started with rotary drilling rig quickly
  • Introduction of small rotary drilling rig

    In recent years, due to its excellent performance and affordable price, Shandong's small rotary drilling rig has won the favor of the engineering construction team, ranging from the construction of engineering buildings to the construction of towns and villages, and the advantages of rotary drilling rig have really changed the concept of pile foundation construction.The highly automatic control system and advanced construction design scheme make the work that used to take more than two months to complete, now it only takes six days to complete,It can not only save the labor cost, but also greatly shorten the construction time of the project. With such high efficiency, it is really a "tool for drilling money". Now all engineering teams are inseparable from the construction of rotary drilling rig.

    Introduction of small rotary drilling rig
  • Precautions for the novice to open the rotary drilling rig for the first time

    Instructions for crawler rotary drilling rigs, workers should pay attention to the following points during the pile driving process to avoid accidents!1.The red light should be installed on the top of the column of the crawler rotary drilling rig (hereinafter referred to as rotary drilling rig), which must be lit at night to show the height warning sign and be installed by the user according to actual conditions.2. The top of the column of the crawler rotary drilling rig should be connected to the lightning rod according to the regulations, and the work should be stopped during the lightning strike.3. The track should be on the ground when the rotary drilling rig is working.4. The working wind force is greater than 6 grades, the pile driver should be stopped, the oil cylinder should be used as auxiliary support, and the cable wind rope should be added for fixing if necessary.5. When crawler piling operation, the drill rod reinforcement cage should be avoided to collide with the column.6. The drill pipe is drilled into the ground or piled into the ground. It is strictly forbidden to move the pile frame.7. When the track rotary drilling rig is drilling, the ammeter current must not exceed 100A. When the current exceeds 100A, the lowering of the drill rod should be stopped, but the power head always drills. When the current drops below 100A and stabilizes, the drill rod can continue to be slowly lowered. .8. When pulling the sinking pile for pressure, the front of the pile frame should not be lifted.9. Crawler pile frame walking and moving pile position. The pile frame uses crawler walking. The slewing mechanism rotates to accurately align the pile position. When the position of the pile frame cannot meet the pile position requirements, it can walk or rotate back and forth.

    Precautions for the novice to open the rotary drilling rig for the first time
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