• Shandong Yahe heavy industry - professional small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig manufacturer

    Shandong Yahe Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., referred to as Shandong Dingli heavy industry, Specializing in the production of rotary drilling rigs, rotary drilling machines, small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs, including crawler and wheel rotary drilling machines, as well as diesel hammer, photovoltaic, long spiral pile driver and other construction machinery.In the industry taking the lead through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification,The company's latest Dingli rotary drilling rig is widely used in the construction of foundation cast-in-place piles in urban high-rise buildings, highways, railways, bridges, airports, ports, etc.It has the advantages of wide application range, high construction efficiency, stable performance, good service, environmental protection and energy saving.Dingli rotary drilling rig with reliable quality, beautiful appearance, practical structure and thoughtful after-sales service,The products are sold to more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide and exported to more than ten overseas countries and regions such as Australia, Myanmar, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia, and have won the trust and praise of our customers.The company has a complete sales and service network, dedicated to providing customers with first-class products and excellent services, a 24-hour service hotline, and after-sales service all day.The company regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, with the purpose of "quality-oriented, honest world", customers who are welcome to buy, come to inspect the test drive, and buy it if you are satisfied, and we also provide training for the church.

    Shandong Yahe heavy industry - professional small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig manufacturer
  • In the first week after the holiday, the small rotary drilling rig was successfully sent to Vietnam

    March 24. One Shandong Yahe Rotary Drilling Rig (DR-80 small rotary drilling rig) was sent to Qingdao Port for export to Vietnam. It is understood that the Shandong Dingli rotary drilling rig that was launched this time is the first rotary drilling rig product sold to foreign regions in the small rotary drilling rig industry after the outbreak.This rotary drilling rig product was purchased by Vietnam Foundation Pile Foundation Construction Company. The customer took only three days from negotiation to ordering, which fully reflects the customer's trust in the Dingli Heavy Industry brand and products. This year's new Dingli small rotary drilling rig. At present, Dingli Heavy Industry has exported to more than 30 countries and regions overseas, and has a good reputation in the industry.

    In the first week after the holiday, the small rotary drilling rig was successfully sent to Vietnam
  • How to develop small rotary drilling rig in 2020

    Due to the impact of the virus, the global economy has suffered a major impact, economic growth has been slow, and even some countries and regions will have negative growth! What impact will 2020 have on the construction machinery industry? How to develop the small rotary drilling rig industry?In recent years, due to the influence of the Chinese construction industry, the Chinese construction machinery industry has continued to heat up, and the domestic sales of rotary excavators have continued to rise. Sales of rigs. Under the influence of the national “Belt and Road” policy, Shandong Dingli Heavy Industry's small rotary drilling rigs have been deployed in overseas markets. With the help of major international exhibition opportunities, Dingli's small rotary drilling rigs have gradually been recognized by foreign users, and have also brought good development prospects. Shandong Dingli small rotary drilling rig has many functions of large rotary drilling rig, especially in 2019, the application of many new technologies, such as "wireless remote control", "one-key vertical adjustment", etc., is very suitable for small spaces and various Construction requirements for complex conditions.​Despite being affected by the virus, China's current resumption of production and production has reached 90%, we are still very confident about the domestic market. For foreign markets, I believe that under the influence of our country ’s epidemic prevention and control, the people of the whole country will work together to fight the epidemic prevention and control and defeat the new crown virus!

    How to develop small rotary drilling rig in 2020
  • How to choose small rotary drilling rig correctly?

    Rotary drilling rig has the advantages of good hole forming quality, fast operation speed, high construction efficiency, highly intelligent automatic control system, excellent performance, time-saving, labor-saving and oil-saving. Since it was developed, it has been widely recognized by the market,However, "how to choose a high-quality rotary drilling rig" has also puzzled many customers and friends who want to start with it. As a professional manufacturer, we make great efforts to give you some suggestions:1、When purchasing a rotary drilling rig, you must test drive it in person to see if the performance and quality of the product meet the standard.2、After all, the rotary drilling rig is used to make money. Therefore, consider your own perennial construction area, understand the main geological environment, and then select reasonable model parameters,Rotary drilling rigs are also divided into many types, including those with organic locking rod and friction rod, those that can enter rock and those that can only drill soil layer, with many functions, but they must choose the one that suits them.

    How to choose small rotary drilling rig correctly?
  • Dingli Heavy Industry DL-360 Wheel Rotary Drilling Rig goes to the "battlefield"

    On March 30, a truck equipped with Shandong Dingli Heavy Industry's DL-360 wheeled rotary drilling rig was sent to Henan to help the construction of a new rural area in Henan.In recent years, due to policy support, earth-shaking changes have taken place in China's rural areas, and a group of "rotary drilling rig workers" have emerged. They are driving the small rotary drilling rigs to "open up the territory" and add bricks to the construction of a beautiful new countryside. Timwa. Among the many small rotary drilling rig models, Dingli DL-360 wheel rotary drilling rig is popular. It has the advantages of small appearance, flexible maneuverability, convenient transition, high efficiency and low energy.Since the resumption of work in March, Dingli's rotary drilling rigs have gone to the "battlefield", which not only shines in the country, but also proves to the world that "Made in China", I believe that the future of Dingli rotary drilling rig will definitely shine in the global market Shine!

    Dingli Heavy Industry DL-360 Wheel Rotary Drilling Rig goes to the
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