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How to choose small rotary drilling rig correctly?

Date:2020-05-18 15:25:19 Source:小型旋挖钻机 Author:旋挖机 Click: 114次

Rotary drilling rig has the advantages of good hole forming quality, fast operation speed, high construction efficiency, highly intelligent automatic control system, excellent performance, time-saving, labor-saving and oil-saving. Since it was developed, it has been widely recognized by the market,However, "how to choose a high-quality rotary drilling rig" has also puzzled many customers and friends who want to start with it. As a professional manufacturer, we make great efforts to give you some suggestions:

1、 When purchasing a rotary drilling rig, you must test drive it in person to see if the performance and quality of the product meet the standard.

2、After all, the rotary drilling rig is used to make money. Therefore, consider your own perennial construction area, understand the main geological environment, and then select reasonable model parameters,Rotary drilling rigs are also divided into many types, including those with organic locking rod and friction rod, those that can enter rock and those that can only drill soil layer, with many functions, but they must choose the one that suits them.

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