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  • DR-120 rotary drilling rig (30m) shipped

    On March 28, Dingli Heavy Industry DR-120 rotary drilling rig was successfully loaded and sent to Gansu. Shandong Dingli Heavy Industry has been continuously innovating and cultivating for many years, and has occupied an important position in the small rotary drilling rig market. The rotary drilling rig delivered this time is the third generation product of Dingli, adding a number of new technologies and new functions, and drilling depth of 30 meters , Equipped with telescopic chassis, more suitable for all kinds of complex geological environment and super large aperture! In recent years, Dingli rotary drilling rig has successively participated in the construction of pile foundations of many major projects and iconic projects, and has won a good reputation for domestic rotary drilling machines.

    DR-120 rotary drilling rig (30m) shipped
  • 25t crawler crane for sale

    Crawler crane is a new construction machinery product in 2020, with a bearing capacity of 25 tons and a maximum boom of more than 30 meters, which is suitable for the construction of small and medium-sized projects. Our company's main products are rotary drilling rig, pile driver, drill bit, cha

    25t crawler crane for sale
  • 2020 new product-CFA drilling rig

    This kind of rotary drilling rig (CFA construction method) is a new product of our company in 2020. Its drilling depth can reach 12 meters. According to the requirements of customers, orange and white are used, and the retractable chassis is equipped to make the construction more flexible and stable

    2020 new product-CFA drilling rig
  • Drill bit tools

    All drill bits are produced by our company. The diameter of drill bit is 300-3000 mm, which can be customized. There are special quality inspectors to inspect the drill bit before loading to ensure that it meets the requirements of customers. We support video inspection and third-party inspection!

    Drill bit tools
  • 30m pile driver customized

    The model dr-120 of crawler type machine lock rod rotary drilling rig is one of the hot selling products at present. There are two types of 30 meter rotary drilling rig produced by our company, one is dr-150, which is equipped with a retractable chassis, which makes the construction more flexible. O

    30m pile driver customized
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