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  • 40m drilling rig customized

    The customized dr-160 pile driver adopts the classic macaron color matching, drilling depth up to 40 meters, equipped with spiral bit and coring bit. It makes the construction more flexible and convenient. The retractable chassis has good stability and can be constructed under various geological con

    40m drilling rig customized
  • 30m pile driver for sale

    This model belongs to general ground engineering drilling machine, which is suitable for comprehensive civil construction engineering, such as road and bridge construction, subway tunnel construction, dam water conservancy construction, airport and port construction, energy and mineral engineering c

    30m pile driver for sale
  • 15m kelly bar drilling rig

    This machine is the smallest tonnage machine lock rod rotary drilling rig. It is a new type in 2020. The maximum torque of the power head is upgraded to 90kN. M, the drilling depth is 450-1500mm, and the maximum drilling depth can reach 15m. Our machine has a wide range of uses, complete certificate

    15m kelly bar drilling rig
  • Wheeled drilling rig export to kenya

    Congratulations on the successful export of Shandong Yahe construction machinery rotary drilling rig to Kenya. This is a wheeled rotary drilling rig. It is widely praised by customers for its small size, powerful function and high cost performance. The drilling rig is equipped with four-wheel drive

    Wheeled drilling rig export to kenya
  • rotary drilling rig

    Congratulations to Shandong Dingli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. for its successful export to Canada!"New" DR-160 rotary drilling rig:1. Equipped with retractable chassis2. Classic macaron color3. With monitor and display4. Wireless remote controlIf you want this rig, contact me quickly

    rotary drilling  rig
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